Volunteer Highlight: Mo Slavin, Q2 eBanking

“There were many times when I felt defeated and wanted to give up simply because it was just too hard to understand. Through your help and encouragement I have found a passion for coding. Thank you so much Mo for always being there for us.” – Erica C., Code2College Alumna, ’18

We’re eternally grateful to Maureen Slavin (Mo) for the commitment and generosity of time and expertise that she’s shown our students and program since Day 1. Mo originally started with us as a Mentor, working with our students a few hours per month to help them with their STEM industry immersion, but has since become one of our top instructors and has even quarterbacked curriculum development efforts, volunteering several hours weekly. (How do you do it?!)

It’s no wonder why Mo was named the ‘Most Valuable Instructor’ for Code2College programming at Manor High School this past program year. Thank you so much Mo for continuing to be an inspiration to all of our students, particularly our girls, by showing them that the thrill is in the challenge and that coding is for EVERYONE.

Thanks also for rallying so many other Q2ebanking employees to support our students and their academic and professional career trajectories in STEM!

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