Through the Years

Our History

What started as an idea became a pilot. That pilot became a program. That program had a pivot. And now that pivot has transformed into a national movement to invest in and accelerate the career trajectories of thousands of historically underestimated high school students across the country.


Code2College students winning Hacktogether's 1st place prize

Program Shift

  • Relaunched in-person programming to serve more students directly and within their communities
  • Refocused program model to focus on high school internship placement and success as the main driver and lever for impact in the STEM career competency and candidacy for each student
  • Staff: 20
  • Students served: 800+ as of June 2023
  • Interns placed: 125

2021 - 2022

Code2College event at the University of Texas in Austin.

National Scale

  • Scaled programming to and placed interns from over 20 cities nationally including Detroit, New York, New Haven, Houston, Dallas and Cincinnati
  • Developed first extension curricula including Mobile Development, Embedded Systems and Game Development
  • Staff: 20
  • 1273 Students served
  • 139 Interns placed

2020 - 2021

Students gathered online for virtual coding classes.


  • Successfully implemented fully-remote program model and scaled to several pilot regions including Philadelphia, Denver and Charlotte
  • Placed second class of entirely virtual high school interns. Received manager feedback that over 85% of interns would be rehired.
  • Staff: 6
  • 670 Students served
  • 60 Interns placed

2019 - 2020

Regional Scale

Regional Scale

  • Scaled programming to a dozen schools in Austin, TX and placed first Mobile Development intern
  • Reengaged over 80% of students impacted by COVID-19 lockdown. Placed first class of entirely virtual interns at 10 companies nationwide
  • Hired interns impacted by COVID-19 offer rescissions by launching first internal remote internship program in partnership with Intel: Code2College Labs
  • Staff: 4
  • 457 Students served
  • 17 Interns placed

2018 - 2019

Full Cohort

Full Cohort

  • Scaled programming to eight schools and placed with five new Visionary Partners including our first hardware partner
  • Experimented with first Data Science curriculum
  • Staff: 1.5
  • 253 Students served
  • 24 Interns placed

2017 - 2018

Half Cohort

Half Cohort

  • Scaled programming to five schools and placed with four new Visionary Partners.
  • Developed first STEM case competition focused on Semiconductor industry
  • Staff: 1
  • 65 Students served
  • 9 Interns placed

2016 - 2017

Pilot Program


  • Program launched in 2016
  • Secured first Visionary Partnership with Indeed!
  • Staff: 1
  • 30 Students served
  • 2 Interns placed
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