January 2021 All-Star Partner Feature: LogicMonitor

Code2College weathered unprecedented challenges in 2020 through an uptick in support from our families, volunteers and the many corporate partners who recognized the need for investment in the communities we serve and the early talent we develop through our programming. We’ve adapted to this new normal with resilience and the will to pivot our program model. Our impact in 2020 was nothing short of a collaborative effort, which we’re now scaling nationally. 

LogicMonitor emerged as one of several new corporate partners who were intent addressing the lack of diversity, equity and inclusion in STEM fields. The team at LogicMonitor has stepped up and turned their intentions into action by becoming deeply involved in our mission towards delivering STEM college and career access to hundreds (and soon, thousands) of Black, brown, female and low-income high school students across the country.

Our relationship began early in 2020 when one of our veteran volunteers, Hass Johnson (Director of Regional Sales), introduced us to the team. Hass has been an integral part of building our relationship with LogicMonitor and has consistently championed our work throughout the Austin community. Hass has been an exceptional mentor and resource for our students as evidenced by his nomination by students for the 2020 Code2College IDEA Award for Mentor of the Year. His championship has also led to LogicMonitor becoming an Investor Level funder of our Vision 2024 initiative, which will support and place 200 black and Latina women into STEM roles over the next four years. 

What started with one volunteer with a natural drive to serve, has now soared to 32 new LogicMonitor volunteers who have served in a variety of roles ranging from workshop mentors and instructors to supporting dozens of high school students and college-going program alumni through targeted career access activities. 

With a people-centric approach, whether a customer or LogicMonitor employee, LogicMonitor’s rich company culture is a result of their top executives leading by example. Kevin McGibben (CEO), Todd Riesterer (Chief People Officer), Tej Redkar (Chief Product Officer) and Ziad Fanous (Chief Financial Officer) are just a few of the Senior Executives from LogicMonitor who have led by example by serving as Code2College volunteers and/or promoting investment in the community, and particularly through engagement with Code2College students. It is no wonder that LogicMonitor employees are following suit by giving their time so generously. In fact, LogicMonitor was recently named one of the Best Places to Work in 2021 by Built In Austin and also won the Best Customer Support Award from TrustRadius. It should come as no surprise however, that the LogicMonitor team has also taken home the W in several Code2College corporate competitions.

Each month, Code2College hosts Mass Remote Events (MREs):  our 48-hour remote volunteer opportunities focused on a variety of mission-critical activities. LogicMonitor has secured the 1st place title in the final three MREs hosted in 2020. And yes, you guessed it, they also came in 1st during our first MRE of 2021: Code2College: Overload!

Whether winning an MRE (or three), or hosting a virtual professional skills workshop, LogicMonitor continues to be committed to investment in their employees and in the communities where they live. We are grateful for our partnership with LogicMonitor, as well as their continued support of the next generation of technical talent and are excited about the prospect of deepening our work together for a better future. 

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