Code2College Summer 2022 Intern Highlight: Trinity S., Strive Health

When Trinity applied to our program last year, she shared with us that she wanted to “gain credibility for future [technical] positions” and invest in herself to become a “marketable employee.” And though from her living room table, in front of her laptop, she couldn’t imagine all that she would encounter in our program – I’d love to share with you how she’s surpassed her aspirations.

Though her school offers computer science programming, the courses are all delivered by classroom teachers. Instead, Code2College Instructors from Google and General Motors guided her as she developed fluency in Python and built a substantial technical portfolio. Having professional Software Developers support her learning made the difference for Trinity as she navigated the software development cycle.

In fact, she was inspired to participate in the second installation of Code2College HackTogether, a virtual hackathon where she had the opportunity to once again work alongside software developers, but this time as Hackathon teammates. Her first experience was so successful that she’s now planning on participating in our Housing Equity HackTogether powered by OJO Labs in late July!

And we’re proud to share that Trinity has been diving deep into back-end work at Strive Health – a kidney care platform tech startup – for the past several weeks. She’s been having a great experience and attributes it to Anup and Cat, her mentor and manager, respectively.

We know that even more greatness lies ahead for Trinity and we’ll be here supporting her all the way!

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