We are beyond thrilled and honored to share that Atlassian has gifted $1 million to Code2College. This generous gift will have a sustained impact on our various STEM education and workforce development workshops, events and course curriculum, allowing us to reach even more historically underestimated students and provide them with the skills and experience necessary to excel in STEM.

But Atlassian has been an avid champion for Code2College for nearly 6 years, and only continues to deepen their partnership.

Since 2017, a handful of passionate volunteers snowballed into dozens that routinely show up at our various workforce development events and workshops. We see their passion for our mission in the countless ways they contribute to Code2College – by reviewing resumes, hosting workshops, teaching courses, and mentoring our students. 

“[Code2College] interns bring energy to us. Watching somebody blossom over the course of three months…that is the sweet stuff. It’s incredible to be part of their story.”

Lydia Batchelor, Engineering Manager, Technology Innovation, Atlassian

Add to that, their significant, longstanding presence as a Visionary Partner has made them a Code2College staple. High school students and our college-going program alumni alike have earned paid, technical internships with Atlassian every summer since 2020. The dedication of the Atlassian team has made lasting impacts on our students and interns, who have productively changed the trajectory of their paths to STEM careers.

“Looking at all of the things this company does to ensure our work-life balance, such as allowing for flexible schedules, sending random gift cards, and providing a company culture, along with giving engineering interns tasks that they know will help teams around the world, and supporting them throughout the way, I have to say that I felt like I was at home.”

Code2College Student & Atlassian Software Engineering Intern

Not only have their high volunteer hours routinely landed them in the Top 12 on our Diversity in STEM Leaderboard, their internship experiences earned them the student-awarded Employer of the Year Award at our third annual IDEA Awards

Over the course of five years, we are proud and grateful to have witnessed Atlassian deepening their dedication to diversity and inclusion in the STEM ecosystem. From one-on-one interview preparation for prospective high school interns and mentoring our students during their internships to engaging our college-going alumni at networking events like Code2College Conduit, you’ll find Atlassian at nearly every event, workshop and course that Code2College offers. 

We are beyond grateful for Atlassian’s sustained support and their incredibly generous $1 million gift. Not only will this help us expand our programming to other deserving students across the nation, it also further cements the legacy Atlassian is forging at Code2College. We are proud and grateful to partner with organizations like Atlassian who share our vision of creating a stronger, more diverse STEM ecosystem.

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