UT graduate students award Code2College with $50,000 in grant competition

On Tuesday, April 30, Code2College secured nearly $50,000 in grant funding through an inaugural course offered through the Social Innovation Initiative at the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas.

Course participants, who hailed from several graduate programs including the McCombs Business School, LBJ School of Public Affairs and College of Education, were divided into teams across five different social impact areas. These teams were then tasked with selecting an organization that they would analyze and then pitch to the entire class for a philanthropic investment.

After a great deal of consideration and deliberation, the class designated Code2College as the top grantee and committed the majority of funding (a total of $47,800) to the nonprofit.

“We were honored that the ‘Education’ Team contacted us, but the fact that the entire Philanthropy Investment class believed that our organization would be best suited for this significant contribution is incredible” shared Matt Stephenson, Executive Director of Code2College.

The grant will be used to scale Code2College programming by 3x year over year to serve over 700 students in the upcoming school/program year, up from just 250 in the 2018-19 program year.

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