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Mission & Vision

The mission of Code2College is to dramatically increase the number of minority and low-income high school students who enter and excel in STEM undergraduate majors and careers.

Find tech talent – Our nation is facing a crisis. Despite its tendency towards innovation, thousands of impactful tech companies, and several world-class research institutions, there remains a shortage of skilled talent to fill a wide variety of technical roles. Companies continue to source technical talent from abroad, and as the explosive (and consistent) growth of the industry would indicate, the pace is far from slowing down. By providing youth employment opportunities to those in Code2College, students are given a chance to begin professional development from an early age.

Create diversity in STEM– What’s worse, we have a population of students in the US who remain underserved. Facing a talent surplus and opportunity deficit, many girls, students of color, and low-income students lack two of the most critical factors for entering pathways into STEM careers: industry exposure and practical experience. Students who haven’t met a data scientist or heard of the investment banking industry are unlikely to pursue these or other technical fields. Those who do will find themselves behind the curve once matched against their affluent or well-resourced counterparts.

Unique Opportunity– An opportunity to develop a pipeline of diverse, technical talent for our nation. Code2College is a multi-year, career prep and college access program that leverages volunteer technical talent to teach coding and web development skills to traditionally underrepresented students in order to support them through college and into STEM careers, promoting digital inclusion. 

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Our Work

Underrepresented groups who initially declare a STEM field when entering college, exit those fields in droves (either by switching to a non-STEM major or dropping out of college altogether) and even fewer enter the technical workforce.

Girls 50%
Low Income 50%
Latino/Hispanic 65%
Black 74%

and even fewer enter the technical workforce.

We believe that through our approach to Education, Exposure, and Experience, we can enhance student preparation for rigorous, technical careers and mitigate some of the key factors around STEM attrition.

Students Served Since 2016

Students Served by Demographic

Students Served Each Year

Identify as Black/Hispanic/Native American
Identify as female
From low-income households
First in their family to attend college
30 Students
123 Students
251 Students
549 Students

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